The world famous Pacha ( Ibiza ) come to Costa del Sol

10th July 2023

Pacha Ibiza come to CDS - The megaproject proposed by the Andalusian businessman and the Mallorcan nightlife group has an initial investment of 25 million euros. It will occupy an area of ​​13,000 square meters plus 1,200 meters of beach and will have different areas: restaurants, beach club, shopping and complementary experiences, children's area, sports area and yacht club, according to the newspaper. Its opening is scheduled for 2023.The Laguna Village, until the time of the accident, was a very popular place to spend the day enjoying a combination of beach, restaurants, shopping and relaxation. His beach club Puro Beach, owned by Varo, was an icon of the western Costa del Sol.

The new owner of the Laguna Beach, 42, has a long business history of more than twenty years in various sectors in which he has always stood out for his nose for emerging businesses. Currently, Varo is the main individual shareholder of Telefónica and vice president of Grupo Prisa. One of his greatest successes was selling PepePhone to MasMóvil for 158 million euros. Almost two decades ago, in 2004, Varo created his own business holding, Gat Inversiones, diversified in real estate, mobility, hospitality and telecommunications, through which he operates in his businesses and companies.

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