Marbella property market again boosted by foreign investors

13th February 2023

Real Estate investment in the past
Foreign investment in Real Estate in Spain has been led by the British since the boom of 2007. Subsequently, with the announcement of Brexit, many of these potential British buyers saw how the profitability of their savings was reduced and their doubts about this new situation, abruptly halted the purchase of properties in our country.

Post-Brexit and COVID
It is well known that the British market has been one of the main markets in Spain and the Costa del Sol and the lack of these buyers affected the market. A situation made worse during the COVID period.

Once this stage was overcome, the situation has been improving overall and from the second half of 2021, the sale of homes in Spain to foreigners became active again, even improving the pre-pandemic figures in 2019.

In fact, the German market, which have predominantly always favoured the Balearic and Canary Islands, since November 2021, now outnumber British buyer on the Costa del Sol.

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